Print Governance Project

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Print Services and IT are preparing to simplify and improve the way we print. We are implementing a new print server and printer management system that will change the way that we recognize network printers. Instead of printing directly to a device that has been installed on your machine, you’ll print to a print server and have access to all of the printers in your department / building. You will no longer have to manually install each printer on your workstation. The new software solution will enable us to monitor all printing across the network. We will have detailed information about print habits and preferences. This will enable us to make better decisions regarding the way we print and help us make better choices going forward with how we choose to manage our printing in the future.

Who is involved at the District level:      

  • Brenda Darveau, Print Services Manager is the sponsor for this project
  • Carisa Hull is the IT Project Manager
  • Richard Hanrehan is the IT Systems Administrator for the print servers
  • Embedded sites techs and Endpoint services techs are assisting in the process by placing new labels on all of the printers
  • Curt Collette and Roy Porter, printer techs, will assist with troubleshooting printer issues as they have in the past
  • IT Service Desk team will provide phone support on issues and will advise on next steps for troubleshooting issues

What to expect:

In order for this project to be implemented, we have to change the way we currently print. When something is printed now, it goes directly to the printer. In the new model, your job will go to the print server and then be re-directed to the printer with your print request. This will also allow you to have more flexibility when it comes to choosing and connecting to a different printer in your building or printing when you are visiting another site.

All printers will be relabeled with the new printer naming convention.


Over the next few months, we will be moving everyone to the new print server. Specific information about when you will be moving and specific steps that you will have to take will be coming in a communication closer to your cutover date.

Things to remember:

Once your school/site has transitioned to the new print server, all staff members will need to reselect their default printer and make note of the other printers that they use on a frequent basis so they know the new name of them.