APS is now using a new cloud service.  Fax transmissions will be sent directly from your email.  Anyone with an aurorak12.org email address can use this service.  Paper documents can be scanned to your email and forwarded on to the appropriate fax number (no need to dial 9) 


Why Cloud Fax?


Faxing from the cloud offers many benefits over traditional faxing:


1) Security: End-to-end encryption ensures your fax transmissions are secure and meet regulatory compliance requirements including HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, FERPA, and more

2) Scalability: Because cloud faxing is not limited by the number of ports on a fax board, you’ll benefit from additional fax capacity just when you need it

3) Reliability: Redundant telco carriers and infinite scalability mean you’ll never missa fax due to telco outages or busy signals

4) Easy access: Fax transmissions can be accessed remotely in the event you are away from the office and need to receive a fax.


Below is a Quick Start blurb to show you how to send a fax.  I've also attached a quick YouTube video that will walk you through the process and an example of the cover sheet that will go with each new fax.  Feel free to send a "test fax" to 3033261983@egoldfax.com to verify your new service.  I'll send you an email to confirm that your test fax was received.