During the pandemic, many have asked if we will be providing printers for at home use.  Local spending decisions are made by each budget authority. However, It would not be a best practice to purchase office supplies for use at home. The great news is that staff have been cleared to go into buildings as needed to ensure they are able to print needed items. 


Chromebook printing is not currently supported by the district.


Find your printer - save Printing Sites by Print Server to your desktop and follow the directions listed.                 Click here for our Add Remove Printer Process


All networked printers covered under the APS Managed Print Program. The goal of our program is to simplify the management of the APS printer fleet.

A simple cost per print program that includes:

  • Toner
  • Service
  • Parts
  • Labor
  • Simplified printer supply management
  • Reduced IT and administrative burden
  • Improved visibility into the true-cost and usage patterns for your printer fleet

Important Note: Every printer under the program will include a Device ID Sticker affixed to the printer. Your Device ID is the five-character alphanumeric string located on the sticker. If your printer does not have a Device ID, please contact Brenda Darveau at x28282 or bdarveau@aurorak12.org.

One of the benefits of our program is Electronic Meter Collection so that we can ensure accurate billing.

What’s not Included:

  • Network support and/or the print driver installation
  • Paper
  • Inkjet printers
  • Any printer that is not connected to the APS network

Placing a Service Call

 When your printer needs service, here are your options for submitting a service call:

  • Via your customized web portal at LEWAN SERVICE
    (User Name: machine ID / Password: default is “Lewan”)
  • Via email to customersupport@lewan.com
  • Via phone at 1.888.LEWAN11 or 303.759.5440

When you place a call, please have the following information ready:

  • Device ID
  • Brief description of the problem
  • Key contact and location

Regular service hours are Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.

Ordering Toner

If you are responsible for ordering toner for your printer(s), here are your options for placing an order:

  • Via your customized web portal at mylewan.com
    (User Name: machine ID or Account Number / Password: default is “Lewan”
  • Via phone at 1.888.LEWAN11 or 303.759.5440

Most toners are delivered within 2-4 days via UPS. In case of a “toner emergency”, contact Brenda Darveau at x28282 or bdarveau@aurorak12.org to see about possible inventory on hand in one of our warehouses.

What if I need to add, replace or retire a printer?  Add Remove Printer Process

Meter Collection

A meter reading is similar to a car odometer—it counts every page printed. It is essential that we receive meter readings in order to create accurate, consistent and timely invoices. We have several different options available to simplify this process.

Networked Printers

  • Our e-metering application, 360 Manager, captures all networked printer and copier meters without any customer action beyond the initial installation.
  • Using this application, we never have to contact you for meter readings—everything is done automatically.
  • There is no charge for the application.

Non-Networked Printers (Locally Connected or Stand-Alone)

  • Only networked printers are covered under this program.

Questions? Contact Brenda at x28282 or bdarveau@aurorak12.org