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Papercut is a print and copy output management software solution that APS has implemented across the district.


Using this software we are able to track and manage copy and print habits.  Since all of our printers and copiers are on a print server, we can report on printing copying habits, drive usage to more cost effective solutions and manage behaviors district wide.


Here’s a clip showing how much it costs to print to different devices:



                        COST PER IMPRESSION





8 1/2 x 11

   11 x 17

  8 1/2 x 11

    11 x 17

Desktop Printer

$  0.0075

 $  0..0075

 $  0.070

 $  0.070

Ricoh MFD

$  0.0045

 $  0.0090

 $  0.0459

 $  0.0918



With card scanners in place, we have the ability to limit the number of copies and prints that a user can make in a given week or month.  Example: if a user is given $10.00 per month to “spend”, they have 840 prints on a regular desktop printer or 2,222 prints/copies on a Ricoh device in black and white.  The same $10 would net 126 color prints on a desktop printer or 217 color prints on a Ricoh device.  This solution encourages the user to make better decisions with limited printing resources.


We’ve recently put restrictions in place at schools including Hinkley, Clyde Miller, Lyn Knoll, Peoria, Altura, Murphy Creek . . . and we’re adding more schools each day.  We have the ability to restrict some and not others i.e. administrative staff and also give limited administrative access for your site to someone on staff to run reports, change balances, etc.



Helpful links:

Instructions for Card Readers

Cloud printing

Sites by Print Server

How to Map a Network Printer

Selecting your default printer

Add Remove Printer Process


 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  I have a parallel or USB printer – can I still print to it?

A.  Yes - this change will not affect your printer

Q.  Will I be able to print if I take my laptop home?

A.  Yes, home printers will not be affected.

Q.  My printer doesn’t have a label on it - how do I get one?

A.  Contact Brenda Darveau in Print Services or x28282

Q.  What do I do when I get a new printer?

A.  Order printer through Purchasing. Purchasing / Warehouse will tag and deliver it. You will

      open an iSupport ticket to have it added to the network.

Q.  What do I do when I’m getting rid of a printer?

A.  Complete the Fixed Assets/Surplus Equipment Request for Disposal form that can be located at:

Q.  I can’t print - what do I do?

A.  Call the Help Desk x 28203

Q.  How do I add a new printer to the network?

A.  Order your printer through Purchasing and then create an iSupport ticket to have it added to the network.

Q.  Who gets reports for each site?

A.  The Administrator at each site will determine who has access to reports.

Q.  How do I get added to a group?

A.  Create an iSupport ticket.

Q.  What if a printer I need is not in my printer list?

A.  You can map a printer manually. There is a help sheet available for adding a printer.

Q.  How do I find the name of the printer I want to use?

A.  Walk over to the printer you'd like to use and look for the name.  



For more information about this project, contact Brenda Darveau in Print Services x28282