District Sign Requests Now Serviced through Print Services

APS Print Services Department will serve as the single point of contact for all sign production and installation requests. Based on the nature of the request, Print Services will either develop the signage or partner with an outside vendor to create it. When needed, they will work with Maintenance and Operations to assist with sign installation. Instead of sending sign orders through SchoolDude, please follow the new process below.

Step 1: Complete the Request for Printing form.

Step 2: Email the form to printservices@aurorak12.org.

This new process will help our district better align our resources to our work. By utilizing Print Services as the single point of contact for sign requests, we expect an overall reduction in costs. Please contact Bo Bacon at ext. 28640 or Brenda Darveau at ext. 28282 if you have any questions.

Please refer to these links when needing to know the standards for the signs throughout the district:  

Please go to this link when needing to know flag code standards.

ADA Sign Installation Guidelines